Kinematics of Folded Glass Plate Structures: Study of a Deployable Roof System


  • Alkistis Krousti Delft University of Technology
  • Ate Snijder Delft University of Technology
  • Michela Turrin Delft University of Technology




The purpose of this paper, as part of a MSc graduation project, has been to explore to which extent the kinematic potential of folded geometries can benefit from the structural and architectural properties of glass plates. Using as a case study the covering in an adjustable way an outdoor swimming pool area, the course of this paper consists of form evolution based on structural performance and development of a dual purpose connection and deployment principle developed through experimental testing. Both aspects are examined independently, in parallel processes, and the findings are combined and further evaluated. This study has shown that it is possible to create a self-supporting structure made out of plate elements which is also directionally deployable, without compromising the system’s stability and thus provides an important beginning to implementing complex structures that make use of the benefits of glass.





Architectural Design, Geometries & Lighting


glass, Plate structures, Kinematics, PURE composite, Glass connection system