Differentiation in Architecture by Professional Designs and New Materials


  • Emmanuel Barrois Barrois Glass workshop
  • Yvan Belletre Barrois Glass workshop
  • Artur Bechtloff Ferro GmbH





The economy globalizes. The industries concentrate. The productions become uniform. Cultural specificities disappear.
About architecture and glass in architecture, it is the same phenomenon. Is this movement good or not? It is too late to ask the question. This dynamic is irreversible. Nevertheless, in certain cases, on certain projects, it is possible to bring more esthetic, sensibility, humanity and culture. The 100 years of Ferro’s experience in material science provide such base for creativity with outstanding material solutions like s1de ONE and LustReflex. Since 20 years, the Barrois Glass studio works to create bridges between crafts and industry with the objective in esthetic, sensibility, humanity and culture. Associate the rigor and the efficiency of the industry with the creativity and the sensibility of crafts. A decade of s1de ONE projects proving the durability at challenging environmental conditions is reviewed. The latest material developments and application technologies providing new opportunities for creativity is shown. The three outstanding projects—La canopée les Halles in Paris, Le frac in Marseille, Le musée de la Romanité in Nîmes— are presented in detail. Those projects were all studied with the objective to work otherwise.





Architectural Design, Geometries & Lighting


glass, s1de ONE, Lustreflex, Design, Durability