Are Laminated Security Glazing Standards Still Adapted to the Current Demand ?


  • Louis Dellieu AGC Glass Europe – AGC Technovation Center
  • Perrine Leybros AGC Glass Europe – AGC Technovation Center
  • Julien Jeanfils AGC Glass Europe – AGC Technovation Center




Due to the recent terrorist attacks, the market demand for security glazing has rapidly grown and turned from a “bank counters” market to a facade market. In this context, it appears to be legitimate to ask the question of the applicability of current standards to this changing environment: Are they still adapted to fulfil the security requirements of the market ? If not, which adaptations could be performed ? In the present talk, the current European standards dedicated to the security glazing resistance against explosion pressure - EN 13541 - is reviewed and compared to its ISO standard pendant - ISO 16934 - and alternative - ISO 16933 -. Moreover, based on numerical simulations, the current extension rules applicable to the specific case of the explosion resistance of insulating glazing units - EN 1279-5 - are discussed as well.





Structural Glass Design Philosophy & Structural Safety


Laminated, Security glazing, Explosion