Fracture Resistance, Surface Defects and Structural Strength of Glass


  • Yurii Rodichev G.S. Pisarenko Institute for Problems of Strength
  • Frederic Veer Delft University of Technology




This paper poses the theory that the fracture resistance of basic float glass is dependent on it physicochemical properties and the surface defects formed under the float glass production, glass processing and handling at the service conditions compose the aggregate basis for structural glass strength assessment. The effect of loading conditions, constructional and technological factors on the engineering strength of glass can be evaluated in certain cases using fracture mechanics with information on the initial surface defects in glass elements. The correlation between the data on glass surface defects, fracture resistance and structural strength of glass is analyzed using the results received at the testing of different types of specimens. It is shown in the paper that quality management of the processing of glass elements gives a good possibility to control the strength of load bearing glass structures.





Strength & Stability


Glass, Structural strength, Fracture resistance, Surface defect