Mechanical Modelling of In-Plane Loaded Glass Panes


  • Paulo J.S. Cruz School of Architecture, University of Minho
  • José Pequeno School of Architecture, University of Minho
  • Jean-Paul Lebet ICOM – EPFL
  • Danijel Mocibob ICOM – EPFL




Glass panes are increasingly being used to the stabilization of one storey buildings by acting as shear walls and thus replacing conventional bracings. This is the case of glass pavilions and some timber or steel frames or facades. The behaviour of such structural systems mainly depends on the stiffness of the connections. This research focuses on the prediction of the in-plane structural behaviour of steel and timber frames with a single pane fixed by circumferentially glued joints or by point support connectors. Mechanical models have been implemented and validated. The results obtained clearly demonstrate that the models can be applicable for the purpose of the non-cracking pre-design of panes acting as a shear wall because they are able to predict the in-plane stiffness and the force necessary to obtain a certain horizontal in-plane displacement at the top.





Strength & Stability


Glass Pane, Shear Wall, Building Stabilization, Mechanical Model