Panoramic Perfection: Unveiling Technical Insights from “The Henderson” in Hong Kong


  • Andreas Komm
  • Markus Bruckner
  • Anna-Maria Heinz



The organic design and seamlessly reflective surface of “The Henderson” establish it as a landmark in Hong Kong. With its all-glass façade and a height of 210 m, the skyscraper designed by Zaha Hadid Architects offers spectacular panoramic views. Particularly noteworthy is the “Banquet Hall” on the top floor, distinguished by its fully glazed roof and engineered by Eckersley O’Callaghan. Large-format, coated and curved glass panes with the best possible technical specification in terms of thickness and minimal dimensional tolerances counterbalance architectural aesthetics and structural resilience. Engineered, manufactured and installed by seele, they serve as effective shields against solar radiation and glare, seamlessly complementing the organic architecture. Collaborative efforts focused on maximizing the transparency of the building envelope as interdisciplinary teams navigated challenges in structural engineering, design aesthetics and compliance with strict regulatory standards of the building authorities in Hong Kong. Thanks to targeted investigations, advancements in glass construction technology and engineering innovation, a procedure was developed that ensured optimum bearing of the panoramic glass panes. This project contributes to the safety and durability of high-rise glass structures to withstand extreme conditions and showcases the transformative potential of bold design concepts, rigorous testing, and international collaboration. The result is a visually stunning and structurally outstanding masterpiece.

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