Optical and Structural Developments in Air Traffic Control Tower Glazing


  • Louis Moreau MOGLEX Corp.




With about 4,500 medium and large airports around the world, Air Traffic Control Towers (ATCT) are essential elements of our transport infrastructure. Safely orchestrating air traffic requires a perfect visibility of aircraft in all weather and lighting conditions. Aviation being a conservative field, towers are built or renovated using decades-old technologies, with disappointing results. Design parameters can be grouped in five categories: structural, blemishes, insulation, photometric and optical. Transcending country borders and traditions, we will detail each of these groups and explain the newest technical solutions available. This paper can be used as a checklist or design guide if you need to conceive an ATCT or other structures, such as an indoor observation deck or high-end retail storefront, where vision is paramount. Special attention will be given to visual distortion in transmission, haze, anisotropy, double image, reflection management, electrochromic, and glass-to-glass connections.





Optical & Thermal Performance