Transparent Cubical Glass Building in Madrid


  • M. Eekhout TU Delft
  • L. Weber Octatube




An ultimately transparent glass building in almost cubical form of 30x30x21 m, to function as the future entrance building of the Santander Bancopolis complex southwest of Madrid. Conceptual design by architect Alfonso Millanes and structural design by Octatube. The structure is composed of ultra slender cable stayed tubular columns and trusses placed in a grid of 5m and cladded with insulated glass made from fully tempered outer panels and heat strengthened laminated inner panels. Size of all glass panels is 2.5 x 2.5 m². The insulated glass ensures additional stabilisation of the overall enveloping structure. The roof panels are partly twisted to obtain a fluent slope for drainage. The roof gutters are positioned at 2.5 m from the roof edge, thus creating a free glass edge. The side walls of the gutters are made of insulated glass panels. The glass type chosen is ‘extra-white’, emphasizing the glass cube as a sparkling crystal in the landscape.





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Quattro nodes, insulated glass, tensile structural systems