Recycle Glass

A contribution to the Circularity of Flat Glass


  • Michael Elstner AGC Glass Europe
  • Antonella Contino AGC Glass Europe
  • Marco Zaccaria Europe Technovation Center



Increasing the circularity of flat glass does not only mean to collect glass cullet from internal and pre- consumer processes. It also means to use glass cullet from the post- consumer applications, such as residential or commercial buildings. The flat glass industry is currently in a transformation phase to reduce its CO2 emissions. To produce Low Carbon Glass with reduced carbon emissions generated during the production of float glass, a holistic approach is applied. Among these, one of the pillars is the increased use of cullet. Cullet comes from different sources: internal cullet, pre- and post- consumer cullet. In order to be able to use cullet in float glass production, it must be of high quality. Since there are a large number of architectural glass products and glass types, it is essential to collect and sort in the most adequate way





Circularity & Sustainable Solutions