Material Characterization of Three Liquid Interlayers for Laminated Glass Solutions



The demand for versatile and visually appealing glazed structures has been increasing in recent years. To meet contemporary architectural needs, a wider range of functionalities is required, including smart, bendable and thin laminated glazing. In particular, cold poured liquid interlayers are gaining prominence for complex curved cold bending and smart interlayers, where conventional interlayer films impose limitations. This paper presents research on several liquid optically clear adhesives (LOCA) for application as interlayers in laminated glass. Within a comprehensive experimental study essential material properties were investigated. The research focuses on the viscoelastic, tensile, and creep properties of the LOCA. Additionally, the study considers how the materials age under radiation, high temperature and high moisture in accordance with the product standard for laminated glass. All results are summarized to provide a wide-ranging data base for dimensioning laminated glass made with LOCA. Finally, the properties of the materials are compared with conventional interlayers and their potential for use in laminated glass applications is discussed.





Laminated Glass & Interlayer Properties