W-Glass : A Cloud-Based User-Friendly Software Platform for Simplified EN 16612 Compliance


  • Mehmet Burak Yilmaz MBY
  • Murat Yilmaz Istanbul Technical University




Published in 2019, EN 16612 represents a significant advancement in window glass standards, surpassing its predecessor, prEN13474. It introduces new methodologies for calculating triple-glazed insulating glass units, a detailed approach to determining the shear transfer coefficient, and refined formulations for design strength and cavity pressure variations. These enhancements, however, add complexity to the procedural application of EN 16612. In particular, the variable shear transfer coefficient, depending on loading conditions, influences multiple calculation steps, creating a complex implementation dependency chain. Additionally, the absence of explicit load combination specifications has led to variations in practical applications. This study aims to clarify the complexities and variations involved in implementing EN 16612, with a focus on procedural nuances from the end-user’s perspective. It examines the architectural design of a cloud platform, W-Glass, which is specifically designed to streamline the application of this standard. The platform facilitates end-users in performing relevant calculations with ease. Among its various components, the study highlights the calculation service as a particularly crucial element. Employing state-of-the-art programming techniques, this service efficiently manages the structures required by the standard, ensuring a codebase that is not only clean and flexible but also maintainable for potential future enhancements of the standard.





Structural Glass Design & Standards