Silicone Structural Glazing Under Blast Loading


  • Valérie Hayez Dow Silicones Belgium srl
  • Jon Kimberlain Dow Silicones Corporation, USA
  • Jie Feng Dow Silicones Corporation, USA
  • Sigurd Sitte Dow Silicones Deutschland GmbH
  • Mark Mirgon Dow Silicones Corporation, USA


Silicone sealants have a long history of successful use in high performance windows and curtainwalls, such as structural glazing (bonding) systems which can contribute to bomb blast mitigating window designs. Previous experimental work illustrated the increase in strength and elongation for silicone sealants at the typically higher strain rates of blast loading. These values have been used as design values for joint dimensioning. With the advent of more sophisticated analysis methods using finite element analysis software and the desire to optimize geometries of structural joints in high performance designs with extreme blast loads, there is a need to provide better material behavior models for silicones able to reproduce the typical loading during blast events. In a first step, small scale testing of various joint configurations at increased speeds was used to determine suitable material models. Next, the material model was validated using experimental test results of blast loaded adhesively bonded assemblies. Based on the obtained results, criteria for failure prediction are identified and suitable design strength values as well as joint dimensioning guidelines for engineering bonded systems are provided.





Joints, Fixings & Adhesives