The Story Behind Sky Pool


  • Graham Coult Eckersley O'Callaghan Ltd
  • Sam Gregson Eckersley O'Callaghan Ltd


The contribution will look at the decisions taken during the materials selection of the Skypool and the consequential complexities of working with an unusual structural material as acrylic. The early analytical solutions will be reviewed and judged on their merits. The criteria will look not only consider the typical engineering principles of strength and stiffness but also delve further into exploring the architectural requirements that are necessary for exposed structures where transparency is key. It will also consider aspects such as robustness, maintenance, replacement and embodied carbon and material circularity.  In such simple landmark projects, the simplicity is often achieved with great difficulty and hard-won gains. This contribution will open the process to show the joy, excitement and collaboration that is an inherent part. It will consider the lessons learned on how the knowledge and construction methods of different materials need to be well understood to successfully progress such projects.





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