100% transparant floating glass boxes


  • Diana de Krom
  • Erwin ten Brincke ABT
  • Corné Hagen ABT
  • Wout Hoogendoorn Si-X


challenging glass


b Si-X, the Netherlands

The C&A building in Eindhoven will be modernised and therefore UNStudio designed several glass structures for the building. One of these glass structures are four glass boxes of 5,5 meters wide and 7 meters high, which are floating in front of the existing façade. In addition, each glass box contains a work of light art designed by Arnout Meijer. LED strips illuminate the box from the inside, while the reflective film on the glass creates an unusual and striking effect. To optimize this effect no metal connections were allowed in the design.

The size of 5,5 by 7 meters was exceeding every international standard format in the glass industry. ABT designed an ‘Origami’ glass box with glass panels glued together. This geometry solved the problem of the limited size of the panels and also made a more economic structural form.

The glass panels are connected seamless with different type of glues. ABT made an extensive research for the right type of glues in cooperation with the university of Leuven.

The glued connections are combined with glass notches; a new type of connection, inspired by timber connections and earlier research of stacked glass columns. FEM DIANA models showed that this is a promising way to connect glass structures.

Sober thinking of the engineers about mechanical schemes solved the demand of UNStudio, seamless floating glass boxes. The result can be seen at the 18 September plein in Eindhoven.





Projects & Case studies


Structural glue for glass, Transparent Connections for glass, skewed notch