Investigation of Wind and Temperature Dependence for Dimensioning of Laminated Inserts


  • Matthieu Thésé T/E/S/S - atelier d'ingénierie
  • Jorge Hidalgo T/E/S/S - atelier d'ingénierie



Structural glass, Laminated inserts, Structural reliability, Monte-Carlo simulation


This study proposes a review of different design approaches allowing to dimension a laminated insert connection. It focuses on façade assemblies, where the critical load is due to wind, and where the stiffness relies on a highly viscoelastic material SentryGlas®. The high variability of material stiffness is considered using three different approaches. The first approach determines critical wind speeds and temperature values using a site-specific probabilistic analysis. The second approach uses the First Order Reliability Method to perform a probabilistic design. The final approach suggests a method for evaluating the wind and temperature dependence. This method is based on the Monte-Carlo simulation method and shows potential for optimizing the dimensioning of such façade connections.

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