Structural Behaviour of Glass Panels Under Soft-body Impact


  • Marcin Kozłowski Silesian University of Technology
  • Kent Persson Lund University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Structural Mechanics
  • Dániel Honfi RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
  • Natalie Williams Portal RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

challenging glass


Glass is a commonly used material in modern architecture not only for building enclosures but also for glazed barriers preventing building occupants from falling out of balconies or different levels inside buildings. The paper reports some results of an on-going research project involving testing of glass balustrades and infill panels mounted with different fixing methods, such as linear clamps, local clamp fixings, and point fixings through holes in glass. A reduced numerical model for prediction of strength of glass under soft body impact is also presented. In the experimental study toughened and heat-strengthened glass, as well as two interlayer materials of different stiffness, were used.





Structural Glass Design Philosophy & Structural Safety


Glass, Soft-body impact, Experiments, Finite element, Reduced modelling