Modern façade and roof constructions with photovoltaic panels


  • B. Siebert Ingenieurbüro Dr. Siebert
  • G. Siebert Universität der Bundeswehr München




Glass as a building material is used in a multitude of new applications like modern glass facades or roof constructions. Important points in these times are a contribution to a positive energy balance. So the application of solar panels becomes more and more important. Until now most applications are standard applications with framed panels on roofs or installations on fields. More and more attractive applications from the architectural point of view are built or are under construction. There are on the one hand side different techniques to combine the photovoltaic element with the glass pane. The possible glass sizes are increasing, so there are many new ways of application. On the other hand side there are different possibilities of the fixing of the solar panel: Linear or in points. First some basics about the topics glass and solar are explained. The "traditional" systems for fixing of solar panels and also new systems are presented very short. In addition technical aspects like principle design rules, static calculation of solar panels and substructure are presented. Built examples with solar panels are presented.





Glass in Facades


solar, glass structure, linear fixing, point fixture, solar clamp