Zaryadye Park, Glass Grid Shell Roof


  • Gennady Vasilchenko-Malishev Malishev Engineers
  • S. Chesnokov




This paper will describe the design, detailing, testing and construction of the structural glass beams which make up the load bearing grid shell structure of the newly built Zaryadye Park in Moscow, Russia. The canopy structure is situated short distance from Red Square and the Kremlin. Structural glass beams, 72 in total, are connected into the main undulating steel grid shell structure which measures approximately 120m long and 60m wide.  The beams themselves vary in length according to the geometry but are generally 3m long, 0.2m deep. The beams meet each other and the main steel structure at bespoke stainless steel nodes, and are topped by triangular glass roof panels. The glass beams were designed to accommodate Moscow’s extreme weather conditions, with drifted snow loads of up to 350 kg/m2. Differential movement of the main structure was another challenge for the design team, and required sophisticated linear analysis with over 150 load combinations. The resulting movements called for further development of the nodal connections and non-linear analysis of their performance. Due to a lack of legislation covering structural glass in Russia a so called ‘Special Technical Standard’ was required.  This document was written with significant input from us and covers the technical aspects of glass and its performance. A full scale mock-up of one roof panel, complete with beams and node connections, was constructed and tested to gain approvals from the authorities. Zaryadye Park is Moscow’s first new major landmark in 50 years and was opened on the 9th of September in time for the City Day celebrations.





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Glass, Structural, Beams, Russia