Wilsdruff Filter Factory - Example of the Application of Structural PVB Films in the Façade Area


  • Michael Kothe Thiele Glas Werk GmbH





Laminated safety glass with structural PVB interlayer is suitable for a variety of challenging applications in building construction and façade design. Especially in areas with increased static requirements, stiffer interlayer materials are preferred to standard PVB films. This results in a reduction in the number of glass panes or pane thicknesses while maintaining comparable properties. The attainment of relevant safety properties in combination with advantages in both processing and economic terms often allows a more reasonable application than the use of appropriate laminated glass with ionomer interlayers. A new filter factory of a well-known medical technology company is currently being built in Wilsdruff on the outskirts of Dresden. The company's own competence campus is glazed with large-format glass elements. The new building of the Wilsdruff filter factory represents the first application of large-format laminated safety glass panes with structural PVB interlayer under the approach of the shear coupling in Germany. Both the pane sizes of 7.25 m x 2.40 m and the type of two-sided linear support of the façade panes are extraordinary and unique in Germany in this combination. Based on the material properties of the PVB film, the advantages of such elements are demonstrated. It can be seen that projects such as the Wilsdruff filter factory can only be realized in this form by using stiffer interlayers. This project thus demonstrates the possibilities of using such laminated safety glass and thus helps to increase the acceptance of architects, planners and building owners.





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laminated safety glass, PVB interlayer, structural glass, shear coupling