Double-layer Curved Steel-structure with Bent Glazing; New Departure Station Erasmusline, The Hague (NL)


  • T. Helbig Knippers Helbig GmbH
  • F. Kamp Knippers Helbig GmbH
  • R. Schieber Knippers Helbig GmbH
  • M. Oppe Knippers Helbig GmbH
  • R. Torsing ZJA Zwarts & Jansma Architects
  • R. Kieft ZJA Zwarts & Jansma Architects




ZJA Zwarts & Jansma Architects have designed a new departure light rail station in The Hague, Netherlands. The spatial roof structure of the station is made of rolled rectangular steel hollow sections, arranged in two independent layers rigidly connected to each other. A glass envelope covering the roof structure is matching the contours of the steel exactly. Since the diamond shaped glass panels can only be attached to the outer layer of the steel grid, the glass with edge lengths of approximately 1,30m is two-side supported. When optimizing the overall geometry the double-curved area at the nose of the roof structure became a special focus. Knippers Helbig Advanced Engineering has managed to minimize the deviation of each single glass panel from the single curved geometry to a maximum out-of-plane deformation of only 3mm. Thus, stresses due to warping effects caused by imposed loads including deformation of the primary structure are within the allowable range for heat strengthened (HS) as well as for float glass (AN). The project is a great example of how geometry development can influence glass design, enabling new approaches.





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bent glazing, geometry optimization, curved steel-structure, SGP, doubly-curved, double curvature