Connections in Glass


  • B. Kassnel-Henneberg Glas Trösch AG Swisslamex




Enclosed envelopes without any visible supporting structure or stairs which seem to float on air are the dreams of many architects and designers. Glass is one of the few materials that can allow this dream to become a reality. For this reason full glass structures can appear to be practically invisible and the observer experiences the wonderful sensation of seeing a floating, weightless and totally transparent structure, as if it's almost not there. To fulfill these demands but also to enable the integrity of the whole glass structure, the connections between the elements represent one of the most critical aspects for this type of glass design. These connecting elements represent the “remaining visible” parts and therefore these details become the central focus of interest when looking at an all glass structure. Simple borehole connections often do not satisfy the architect’s demands these days. In this article we will show a few of our recent all glass structures with a keen focus on the all important "connecting parts". There will be shown a solution with special glass treatment for a customized structure as well as applications for transparent glued connection elements which can be used by the industry in general product applications. The generalization of connecting details in the use of load carrying full glass structures could open new fields of application for full glass structures apart from the typical and well known façade industry.





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Glass, metal to glass connections, laminated, bonded