Abstract of: A Linear Formulation for the ULS Design of Glass Elements under Combined Loads - Application to IGUs


  • Chiara Bedon University of Trieste
  • Claudio Amadio University of Trieste




Glass is an increasingly used material in construction and buildings. Despite its large application as load-bearing  construction material, several aspects related to safe and optimal design are still under investigation and exploration, towards the full implementation of standardized rules of practical use. One of the main concerns in the design of this typically tensile brittle material is the rational estimation of static fatigue phenomena, under the effects of multiple design loads. In this paper, following earlier efforts, careful consideration is paid to the ultimate resistance verification (ULS) of structural glass elements under a combination of variable loads with specific duration. The ULS resistance assessment is carried out for double insulated glass units, being representative of large number of glass applications in buildings, and requiring specific design assumptions due to their intrinsic features.





Insulating Glass Units


Structural glass, ULS design, Variable loads, Load duration, Double insulated glass units (IGUs)