Structural Considerations on Timber-Glass Composites at Fire Scenarios


  • Marcin Kozłowski Faculty of Civil Engineering, Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice
  • Peter Lenk ARUP, London
  • Michael Dorn Department of Building Technology, Linnaeus University, Växjö
  • Dániel Honfi RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Borås
  • Johan Sjöström RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Borås




This paper focuses on a recently developed concept, in which glass is combined with timber to provide post-breakage strength and ductility. This combination allows for good post-breakage performance and overall robustness of timber-glass composite beams and wall elements, which has been reported in several publications. The application of timber-glass elements in practice, however, raises important issues related to structural fire performance. The paper elaborates on this issue and provides general information about the behavior of glass, timber and adhesives at elevated temperatures and under fire conditions. Furthermore, it presents ideas and strategies developed for potential application of timber-glass composites in practical situations. The paper presents also initial results from an on-going research project on fire performance of timber-glass composites.





Hybrid & Composite Glass Components


Structural glass, Timber-glass composites, Extreme loading, Elevated temperature, Fire performance